Integrated Waste Management for Sustainable Growth

Each country is facing major environmental threats associated with waste generation and its inadequate management. In order to negate the adverse influence of waste it is imperative to treat and dispose it with environmentally friendly technology. Maverik Inc. has been working relentlessly in the fields of solid and liquid wastes processing technologies and solutions for two decades. Team Maverik has developed green and sustainable technology solutions for biodegradable wastes, Municipal Solid Wastes, Sewage Waste Water, contaminated Lakes and aquifers.

At Maverik, we offer unique Anaerobic Digestion (AD) Technology for biodegradable substrates to harvest methane – A clean and green fuel. Our AD Technology is also known as Modified UASB (MUASB). Maverik specializes in design and construction of biogas generation plants and biogas enrichment system on turnkey basis. We have designed, installed and commissioned multiple application based biogas plants for several sectors including dairies, distilleries, breweries, pharmaceutical industries, slaughter house, food processing units, Municipal Corporation, paper mill, sugar mill, to name a few.

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